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For practitioners and those interested we have the following offers:

On the web pages of Via Integralis you will find, in addition to the instructions for the practice of zazen, numerous textswhich can be meaningful in the context of contemplation.

The teachers of via integralis offer contemplation opportunities in different places.

Are you looking for a place where you can get to know others and practise contemplation together? On the “Contemplation Groups…” pages, which are divided by country, you will find weekly offers in your area, sorted by postcode. Check if leaders speak English

You will find options for exercises in the event dates. You can find the right offer using the integrated filter or more specifically by contemplation days or the multi-day contemplation courses.

For experienced practitioners, the contemplation school Via Integralis offers a three-year course. (Actual course only in German)

The Via Integralis teachers are committed to peace in many ways. Look under events for corresponding offers