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“Love is our true fate. We don’t find the meaning of life alone – we find it together.”

Thomas Merton


The association promotes the establishment and development of contemplation Via Integralis, “Where Zen and Christian Mysticism Encounter Each Other”.
The association runs the contemplation school for training and further education of teachers.
The association serves to further develop and strengthen the community of teachers.

Organizational form

As an association, we are organized in accordance with Swiss law.

It is important to us that the members and the association bodies interact with each other in a lively manner. The form of organization can be described as autocratic. I.e. within the structures, participatory attention is paid to direct relationship channels with feedback opportunities. We are neither strictly hierarchical nor are we a grassroots democracy where everyone has to have a say on everything.

This is how we visualize it:

Organisational form of the Via Integralis

Executive Board

The executive board shall consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five persons.
Those who are appointed to the spiritual governance as a member of the Board shall relinquish their duties as a member of the Board after the election of their successor has taken place.
The term of office shall be three years. Re-election is possible.
Overall renewal elections are held by the General Assembly of Teachers, in the years: 2020, 2023, 2026, 2029,…

Jürgen Lembke (President) E-Mail

Adrian Zimmermann (Secretary) E-Mail

Monika Schula (Treasurer) E-Mail

Wolfgang Kaudewitz E-Mail

Spiritual governance

The spiritual governance is a spiritual driving force and takes care of the vision of the Via Integralis.
They designate teachers for the first and second level teaching authorization.
As the only organ of the association, members of the spiritual governance are not elected but appointed by the previous leadership. The decision on succession shall be taken jointly by the incumbents.

Regula Tanner, ktwE-Mail

Margrit Wenk-Schlegel E-Mail

Contemplation School Course Team

Regula Tanner, ktwE-Mail

Markus Heil E-Mail

Honorary members

Pia Gyger ktw, Roshi (* 02.11.1940 – † 14.07.2014) Founder

Niklaus Brantschen SJ, Roshi Founder

Hildegard Schmittfull, ktwE-Mail Spiritual governance until 2020

Bernhard Stappel, ktwE-Mail Spiritual governance until 2020