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Curriculum for contemplation teachers

“When I find myself as the One I am to be; and as the All I am to be,
what greater pleasure is there?
A human being should stand free from images and detached from all creation;
therein lies the greatest pleasure.”

Henry Seuse

There are now over 100 teachers in Via Integralis, which has been organised as an association since 2016. They offer numerous evening groups, weekly meditation groups, and one-day or multi-day contemplation courses. They introduce people of different backgrounds and ages to the practice of zazen and have themselves been on the path as practitioners for at least ten years, others for thirty.

The Via Integralis teaching community sees itself as a learning organisation. In a changing world, it sees itself as an experimental laboratory for holistic and cooperative togetherness.

In the course of the first courses up to the present day, the following curriculum for contemplation teachers has evolved.

Contemplation teacher via integralis level 1

All teachers have at least ten years’ experience in non-objective contemplation or Zen practice and have completed the three-year Contemplation Teacher Level 1 course. They have thus dealt with the basics in greater depth alongside their ongoing personal practice.

This includes:

  • Contemplation school Via Integralis and the diversity of Christian mysticism
  • Introduction to the basics of Zen Buddhism and reflections on the similarities, differences and uniqueness of the two traditions of Zen and Christian mysticism.
  • Consolidation of practice as a contemplation teacher

These qualifications are brought into everyday life at the contemplation groups that take place in many places.

Contemplation teacher via integralis level 2

Teachers who feel particularly called to accompany people more intensively deepen their skills through further training and personal mentoring by experienced colleagues of via integralis. The duration for this is not prescribed. The mentorship and Spiritual Governance together with the teacher find the time for the appointment to Level 2, which entitles them to accompany people within the framework of a teacher/student relationship. The appointment is made by the Spiritual Governance.

This includes:

Contemplation teacher via integralis level 3

Spiritual Governance, Appointments of Teachers Level 1 & 2

Code of Ethics

Accompanying people requires great care. The teachers of via integralis commit themselves to act according to ethical guidelines.

Code of Ethics of via integralis

Should abuse occur during the accompaniment by teachers of via integralis, seek support.

As a first step, you can contact an independent counselling centre at one of these addresses and prepare the further necessary steps:

Opferhilfe Schweiz

Sorrow Number (CH) 0800 66 99 11

Hilfeportal Missbrauch (Deutsche NGO)