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Jürgen Lembke


We live in one world. It is a world with many teachings. Zazen, sitting in concentration above objects, is a valuable practice path that helps us to keep our feet on the ground in the midst of multiple circumstances. As president of Via Integralis, the contemplation school founded by Pia Gyger and Niklaus Brantschen, I follow the intention of integrating different paths, namely the Zen Buddhist and Christian traditions.

Spiritual formations

Zen teacher (Sensei) of the Glassmann-Lassalle Zen Lineage
Contemplation Teacher Via Integralis Level 2

After a long introductory retreat into the Vipassana tradition of Thailand, 1992 start of Zen training with Niklaus Brantschen. With the appointment as Sensei by Niklaus Brantschen Roshi in November 2020, he received the teacher name KENZAN, which means “Solid Mountain”.
Participation in various Bearing Witness retreats of the Zen Peacemakers. Since 2010 Zen street retreats. 2012 Authorized to conduct Zen Peacemaker street retreats by Roshi Grover Genro Gauntt.
Completed the 2nd course of the contemplative school via integralis. Way of the Pivotal Words with Lisbeth Granacher. 2019 Appointment as Contemplation Teacher Level 2 by Hildegard Schmittfull and Bernhard Stappel.
On 11 November 2020 appointment as Sensei by Niklaus Brantschen. He was given the teacher’s name KENZAN, which means “Solid Mountain”.

Biographical background

In ‘everyday life’, project manager in a renowned software company. Committed to integration and intercultural / interreligious understanding. Involvement in international peace and reconciliation events for several years.
Training in nursing HF with a focus on psychiatry, master’s degree in intercultural communication and management.
Since the founding of the via integralis association, active on the board as president.


Zen introduction, practice days, street retreat, practice evenings Sitting in the group