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Margrit Wenk-Schlegel


A central concern for me is the connection between spirituality and social commitment. As our consciousness expands through contemplation, and we glimpse more deeply the oneness of all life, the consequence is the awakening of compassion, connected with the wish that all beings may be happy and live in peace. This raises the question of what I can contribute.
Inwardness wants to express itself.

My focus, in life and teaching is a grounded, powerful, heart-opening spirituality that finds expression in ordinary life with all its suffering and joy.

For me, it is a great joy and privilege to be able to accompany people on the path of awakening.
In the contemplation courses it is possible to choose the path of the pivotal words. Pivotal words are pithy phrases from the biblical tradition and, as the journey progresses, also from the treasures of other religions. Following the Koan training of Zen, these core sentences stimulate an intensive training process that on the one hand pushes into the experience of the oneness of all life and on the other hand challenges one to find a personal, authentic expression of the experience.
With every realization and opening of one’s consciousness, the question arises: how do I put this realization into practice in everyday life? For me, this is the core of any spiritual training that is to be taken seriously.

Spiritual formation

Spiritual Governance Via Integralis
Contemplation teacher Via Integralis Level 3

Varied meditation experience since adolescence with various Christian and Buddhist teachers. Zen training with Pia Gyger. Completed the 1st course of the contemplation school via integralis.
2006 Appointment as contemplation teacher Via Integralis by Pia Gyger (member of the Katharina Work and Zen Master) and Niklaus Brantschen (Jesuit and Zen Master).
2020 Appointment to the spiritual governance of Via Integralis by Hildegard Schmittfull and Bernhard Stappel.

Biographical background

Born 1952
Training in curative education, work as a crafts’ teacher with young people with mental disabilities
1980-1984 Stay in Colombia with her husband Charlie (theologian); strong life influence through experiences with the simple rural population in development cooperation.
Mother of three grown-up children, grandmother of four grandchildren.
Training and further education in various directions of body psychotherapy. Since 1991 therapeutic work in own practice, body and consciousness work’. Spiritual guidance in groups and individually.
Offers for contemplation courses in the Propstei Wislikofen, meditation centre Felsentor and ecumenical community Halden, St. Gallen together with Charlie Wenk-Schlegel.
Development of the immersion path using pivotal words and their continued refinement in teamwork with Hildegard Schmittfull and Gabriele Geiger Stappel.
In collaboration with Gabriele Geiger Stappel, development of the workbook for contemplation teachers on ‘Transpersonal Phenomena on the Path of Contemplation’.
Spiritual governance from February 2020 until today.