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Yves Saillen-Jordi

Spiritual Formation

Contemplation Teacher Via Integralis Level 2

Following a profound spiritual experience at the age of 24, I set out to discover the main spiritual traditions of our world. The encounter with Zen Buddhism was a revelation; the practice of Zazen became a daily exercise for me from that time on. I had the good fortune to meet the Jesuit Father Niklaus Brantschen, a Zen master, who trained me and of whom I was a student. He allowed me to teach.

Biographical background

I grew up in the Lausanne area. As the third of six children, I was socialised and educated in the local Catholic environment. After my studies at the University of Lausanne, I became professionally involved as a social worker in the field of youth and adult protection. I am married with three sons and four grandchildren. My mother tongue is French. I am fluent in German.


Centre Saint-François
Notre Dame de la Route